Events and experience

Exhibited prints at the January 2017 FORMEX  in Stockholm, the largest interior design exhibition in the Nordics, together with Ataljé Stockholm.
Prints are from Susanna's "Fashion" and "By the sea" oil paintings, prints limited to 200 copies.

Thank you to all visitors.

Thank you to all who visited-, participated in- and purchased merchandize at the 2016 Christmas charity event "Together for Charity" in Stockholm Plaza Elite Hotels .
Money raised went to children in need.

Thank you to all who visited Galleri Mollegården in the summer 2016 to see the Molle By The Sea exhibition.

Thank you to all who visited Galleri Mollegården in the summer 2017 to see the HORIZONS exhibition.

Thank you to all who visited the Stockholm exhibition in November 2017 at GALLERI ARNO , Karlavägen 69  STOCKHOLM.  Thank you also to the Älskade Östermalm  magazine for helping to promote the exhibition.

Thank you to all who visited
ArtyfactGallery in Båstad  in the automn 2017 to see the FASHION exhibition.

Thank you to all who visited the  exhibition in Båstad in September  2018 at Artyfactgallery.

Thank you to all who visited the Djursholm exhibition in April 2018 at GALLERI ELVERKET, Danderydsvägen 4c, DJURSHOLM.  

Art is my passion; I strive to create an emotional image that explores eternity and the personal perspective where positive energy flows between stillness and movement, seeking to find balance between brittleness and strength. Color is like music with rhythm and harmony. Asymmetry gives dynamics.
Simplicity is poetic.

After my initial art history studies at Stockholm University, I studied, trained and worked with painting conservation in Florence Italy, after which I continued working with painting conservation in public and private projects in Sweden and opened my own art conservatory studio in Stockholm. Hereafter, I studied Chinese painting and Calligraphy while living in Shanghai and Singapore. In the brushstrokes I alternate between the thoughtful and swift Asian movements with the controlled Western traditional craft.

My art has been exhibited in Stockholm at Galleri Arno Karlavägen, in Båstad at Artyfactgallery, in Djursholm at Galleri Elverket and in Mölle at Galleri Möllegården, and in Copenhagen, and 30+ of my art works are represented in private collections in Mölle, Malmö, Katrineholm, Vejbystrand, Djursholm, Lund, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Brussels and Singapore.

Thank you to all who visited the private viewing of Susannas Art collection in Mölle, Skåne, Sweden in July 2019

Thank you to all who visited the exhibition at IMPLEMENT in the  old TUBORG  head quarters in Copenhagen, DENMARK october 2019

Thank you to all who visited the exhibition at Galleri Arno on Karlavägen 69, Stockholm

From November 2019

In collaboration with

Susanna is pleased to have gotten to know so many freindly
and that her artwork is part of
many private collections in:

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Djursholm, Sweden
  • Khartoum, Sudan
  • London, England
  • Mölle, Sweden
  • Malmö, Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Vejbystrand, Sweden

and wishes that the paintings continue to bring joy and positive inspiration. 




  • Landscape and portrait painter                 Susanna Kjellberg, Sweden, China och Italy
  • Own painting restoration studio              Susanna Dahlborn, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Painting restoration                                      Urban Ulenius ateljéer, Sweden
  • Painting restoration                                      Leonetto Govanini, Firenze, Italy
  • Auktionhouse                                                 Beijers & Auktionsverket, Sweden


  • Chinese caligraphy                                         Singapore Calligraphy Centre, Singapore
  • Classic drawing                                               Lis Nogel, Glyptoteket, Denmark
  • Classic Chinese painting                              Shanghai, China
  • Interior design                                                 Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
  • Italian fresco painting                                   Tite Edberg, Gotland, Sweden
  • Restoration of paintings diploma              Palatzzo Spinelli Firenze, Italy
  • Basic art education                                        Stockholm, Sweden
  • French  language                                             Université de Nice, France
  • Art history                                                        Stockholm University, Sweden